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I am sat here on a Friday evening with our dog Ziggy on my lap trying to keep him calm listening to Classic FM. Fireworks outside so unnerve him. The other one, Freddy, is totally chilled out on the sofa with Margaret.

I don’t know what I like most about Quakers! Is it the lack of hierarchy? I dislike hierarchy, why do some individuals think they are superior? Yes, I know some would defend hierarchy as an orderly system and is more about roles than superiority. I think it best to avoid hierarchy as much as is possible.

Is it the idea of “that of god in everyone?” That to me is such a joyous statement, and leads on to the rejection of violence and war!

Is it the holistic approach to find peace?

Is it the challenge Quakerism puts before us together with the warm comfort that Quaker views give me?

Is it the imperative of equality? Whatever our talents and skills we are born and die equal. Perhaps live that way aswell then.

I love the modesty, small undemonstrative headstones when we die.

Is it the love and warmth displayed by other Quakers. Desiderata “avoid loud and aggressive individuals”.

Then we come to Simplicity, for me the biggest challenge of all!

Actually I’m going to decide, today at least, on “thou shalt work it out for thyself”, I love the reference to the commandments. Maybe this is the only commandment needed. No creed, no one telling you what to believe, now that’s the approach for me.

Gerard Hughes

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