Quaker Flower Walk – July 1st 2023

The group meeting in Sands car park

A group of Quakers, friends and family met at the Sands Car Park Ainsdale for a flower walk, led by Brian who provided us with a list of flowers we might see – and I think we were able to tick off almost everyone – a grand total of over 30 different species.

We followed a path along the green beach on a lovely summer evening with skylarks calling to one another among the dunes and reeds. Brian and Janet had their eyes glued to the ground and pointed out flowers we would have easily missed. Close inspection showed that the tiniest blooms were beautiful specimens – interesting colours, shapes and structures – a lot of them indiginous to this area.

It was difficult not to have favourites – the beautifully named Grass of Parnassus, which is reputed to have carpeted Mount Parnassus in Ancient Greece; Eyebright – said to resemble an eye and still used for optic problems; the Marsh Helleborine and Round-leaved Wintergreen with their pretty petals and structure. We saw orchids too and the attractive sea holly. Too many to mention. Brian is so knowledgeable and it was a delight to learn so much about the flora in our local area. Many thanks to him and to Janet too, for a very interesting, relaxing and educational time on our local beach.

Brian shows us an interesting specimen

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