Hardshaw & Mann and Wirral & Chester Area Meetings:  Gathering

2nd – 4th February 2024 at Glenthorne Quaker Guesthouse, Grasmere

Almost forty Friends of all ages, and a dog, gathered together at beautiful Glenthorne for a time of worship, relaxation, activities, discussion and getting to know each other over the weekend.  Three Southport Friends attended and we were sorry that one was prevented.

Our programme had been put together by a Liverpool Friend, with additional supporting input for the childrens’ programme, and provided times to get together in groups to share experiences of our Meetings, time for craft activities, exploring the grounds, spaces for walks and time out as we chose.  Some Friends enjoyed a walk to Easedale Tarn, others explored the village, riverside and views of the lake.  On Saturday evening we had a spirited attempt at singing, were challenged by a Quaker quiz and enjoyed some poetry read by Friends.

Our gathering enabled opportunities for reflection and new insights, to meet new Friends, hear about their lives, share in their gifts, and to celebrate our Area Meeting and the diversity of our Members and Attendees.  We hope further reflection will enrich our future Area and local Meetings.

Linden Rowley

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