Glenthorne Area Meetings Gathering 7th-9th February

Four Area Meetings were represented at the Gathering with the majority of those attending being from Hardshaw and Mann and Wirral and Chester.

The theme of the Weekend was taken from Quaker Faith and Practice 21.07

“It is by our imperfections that we move towards each other, towards wholeness of relationship. It is our oddities, our grittiness, the occasions when we hurt or are hurt, that challenge us to a deeper knowledge of each other. Our sins have been said to be stepping stones to God.” Kenneth C Barnes 1985

Those of us that opted to stay on an extra night, rather than brave the ravages of storm Ciara, had the opportunity to reflect on the time spent together – here are some of the comments made:

“An exceptional weekend” because it included the full gamut of experiences from depth of reflection, easy friendship, emotional engagement, creativity and laughter. To have managed to compress so much into one weekend, including storm Ciara, has made it an exceptionally memorable and spiritual experience” AG

“The joy and fellowship of the weekend with the different AMs and the pleasure of working with the children and young people has been a spiritual experience.” CC

“Have enjoyed so many interesting exchanges of ideas, beliefs and experiences with so many lovely people.  Feel renewed and challenged and clarified over one or two important aspects of my life. Had fun too!” HC

“A touch of the profound, the sublime and the ridiculous. Thank you.” JTG

“A lovely opportunity to get to know other Quakers in a deeper way.” CM

“It was a real joy to renew friendships from last year and to celebrate our oddities, grittiness and imperfections” JM

“…and Mary had a little lamb, her fleece was white as snow” (SK) (Editors note, you had to be there…)

Those who attended expressed our deepest appreciation for the organisers, Yvonne Dickson,  Margaret Smith and Bernie Kennedy (CYP facilitator). Yvonne and Margaret have let us know of their intention to stand down from organising the Weekend for next year and are hopeful of encouraging others to consider becoming involved.

Stepping Stones at Easdale Tarn by John Murray

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