Thoughts on Coming to Meeting, by Thomas and Lauren

Catherine Martin asked her children Thomas and Lauren what they thought about coming to Southport Quaker Meeting. This is what they had to say:

Thomas’ feelings (age 13)

In Children’s meeting “We talk about Quaker things. It can sometimes be hard (sitting in silence) because I don’t like awkward silences but it’s a good time to think about things. Last time at meeting we wrote down things that we are grateful for making me think how lucky I am.”

Lauren’s feelings (age 11).

“You do Quaker things! We talk about important stuff, like how we do some good in the world. We read about the tin forest, where a man lives in a dump yard in the middle of nowhere and he turns it into a tin forest and animals come.”

Thanks to Thomas and Lauren for their contributions. Would you or your children like to share your/their thoughts on coming to a Quaker meeting? Send them to!

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