Formby Quiet Time

On the first Friday of each month there is a time of silent worship In the Quaker tradition at St Peter’s Church, Green Lane, Formby L37 7DL. The meeting opens at 10.30am and ends at 11am with coffee. If you would like a time of reflection and peace do come and join us. Everyone is very welcome.

On Friday December 6th at 10.30am we are hoping that our meeting will be in the form of a silent communion service, lasting about 30 minutes. The curate of St. Peter’s, Reverand Nathan Thorpe, will lead our worship. Please phone me on 01704 879643 if you would like further information.

We meet in the Bier House of St. Peter’s, the building immediately on your right as you come through the church gate.

In friendship,
Sue Jacques

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