07 July 2019: A Report by Elainer Matthews, Aged 8

At children’s meeting on the 7th July, the topic was homes and what makes them. Elainer had this to say:

I said Beds  and  piano,  kettle,  animals,  garden,   food,  and  cookbooks.   I love  my    house    I love     my    mum .     My   bed is    so   comfy.   What    if     you     didn’t     have      a     house      you     would     be     upset      on      the     ground       on     the     floor     in     town.
I   live     in sefton     street.

Elainer in her house
Elainer’s list of what makes a home

We thank Elainer for her contribution to the website!

2 responses to “07 July 2019: A Report by Elainer Matthews, Aged 8”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for this very interesting report Elainer.

  2. Sheila Galligan says:

    Thank you Elainer. It’s obvious this topic made you think about the things you value!

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