Thursday 17th November: Silence in Worship

A group of approximately 18 braved the winter cold and squally showers to attend a talk by Revd.

Cannon Dr. Rod Garner on the subject of silence in worship on Thursday 17 th November at Southport

Meeting house. The talk was mesmerising as Dr Garner explained about the value of silence not just

in the context of faith, but in also our daily lives. He encouraged us to “listen” – not just with our

ears but also with our eyes. He quoted a famous saying from the Tao “Those who know, do not

speak. Those who speak do not know.”


Elizabeth Rowland-Elliott also shared a pot-pourri of different aspects of Quakers today, our values

and initiatives. A Friend shared also on the value of silence to themselves, which they find both in a

Quaker meeting and also in early morning communion service at Holy Trinity. Others shared about

the calming influence of silent worship to young children and even dogs!

A lovely evening was experienced by everyone, which will live long in our memories.


– Denise

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